Monte Noah Estate winery

Pedro Zarokyan, returning from the USA, decides to invest his winemaking and grape growing skills in Armenia. For that end he chooses one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen, a hill near the confluence of the Araks and Akhuryan rivers. Lack of irrigation becomes a new opportunity to experiment with agricultural innovations such as drip irrigation. After years of work, the businessman is already presenting Monte Noah Estate garden and winery.


We are an estate vineyard and winery which means that the entire winemaking process takes place in one location.

Owning your own vineyards gives you complete control over the growth of the vines.

We have limited irrigation capacity, however, we want to present our customers with only high quality wines. To achieve this goal, we carry out deep pruning of the vines, reducing the yield.

Before bottling at the winery, the wines are aged in oak barrels for at least one year. We grow the native Armenian red varieties of Areni and Khndogni and several French red varieties in the gardens.

We have walnut and apricot orchards on the winery grounds, as well as a reservoir and filtration systems for drip irrigation of all vines and trees.

A tourist visiting us can see directly from the producer what it takes to grow vines, how we manage to get the best grapes, learn about the winemaking process and sample wines directly from our aging barrels.

The winery is also distinguished by its unique location, it is on one of the highest points of Armavir region, next to the Akhuryan river gorge. From our altitude of 1225 to 1235 meters, guests can enjoy their drinks and meals with a view of the vast mountains surrounding the vineyards.

Note that about 2 km from the gardens, guests can see the confluence of the Araks and Akhuryan rivers, as well as the ancient capitals of Yerevandashat and Bagran.


Founder: Pedro Zarokyan
Email: [email protected]
Address: Armavir հighway, No. 4, Bagaran 1003