Ways of Armavir

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Armavir Garden

The cafe located in the Armavir park willl ensure your rest and will be a good start for descovering Armavir.

Bookinist Armavir

Here you can buy not only books, but also souvenirs from Armavir.

Noravan Gardens

During the tour of the vineyards, you can get acquainted with the types of grapes growing in the Ararat valley. During the seasonal work, you can also participate in harvesting.

Lukashin Agricultural Association

“Lukashin Agricultural Association” CC is engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products. small wine production, dry fruit production, fresh fruit and vegetable production.

At the guest house of the association, tourists are offered participation in the grape harvest and the process of dry fruit production.

Wine production is demonstrated with small Italian equipment.

Family Castle guesthouse

Here you can not only round off your day with a delicious dinner and taste local wines, but also have an overnight stay. The guesthouse is located in the city of Armavir.